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Projects in the Works

Sunday Afternoon…by my daughter Miss Vivian, age 19 months

Lately I have had such a fun time painting with my baby girl…she wasn’t crazy about the foot and handprint exercise, she couldn’t stand the paint on her hands and feet! But she has really taken to the paint brush and she loves looking at the colours of paint tubes. She’ll hand me one and I’ll place some paint on the canvas and then she brushes it around and so forth until she gets bored with the canvas. And there we have it. I wasn’t sure if she liked painting until the day when she found an errant paintbrush and went over to her chalkboard and started moving the brush around. Then she saw the start of my latest painting “Miss Rumour” and kept touching the dried paint. I pulled out a new canvas for her and she giggled with delight as she first touched the paint on the canvas with her finger and then started moving it around with the paint brush. The best part is the next day when she sees her painting and makes all kinds of happy sounds as she points at various parts of her handiwork. I do believe she is quite satisfied to see her work.

Miss Rumour ….a glimpse of the start of a new canvas