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Back in 2012, I moved for 2 years to Charlottesville, Virginia. I soon became involved with the Airedale Terrier Rescue of the Virginias group, initially in hopes to adopt a rescued Airedale, but ended up fostering and grooming some Rescues to help prepare them for their forever homes. I loved getting to know many more kooky Airedale personalities…who knew that they came in so many sizes and characters! Charlie, Coconut, Pearl and Curly, were some of the big and little treasures who stole my heart at first site. I also got a chance to meet the wonderful ladies behind the group, spending time especially with Martha in Charlottesville and Cathy in Northern Virginia. Wishing to continue my contributions to the Airedale Rescue efforts, I am opening up my Airedale Painting Hobby to welcome rescue commissions as a fundraiser for the ATRVA – to start the conversation, all I need is your favorite picture of your Airedale(s) or other Breed/Animal of choice, desired size of canvas (9″ x 12″ is typical but I am open to larger canvases), and then we can sort through the rest of the details together. Either contact me through the Contact Page, or email me at To learn more about my connection with Airedales, please see the blog post called The Inspiration. All proceeds go to the ATRVA.



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